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France Part 1.

For years all my mother and I have dreamt of was Paris, Versailles and the French country side. Finally our dreams came true and we were able to do it all. It's an amazing thing when something you've wanted to do for so long comes to life and your business paved the way for you to do it. In the Spring the oh-so talented Ginny Au posted on instagram about hosting her very first European Workshop and that was it. I knew that was so us. The year went by so fast and before we knew it our bags were packed and we where on a plane for 11 hours with all the movies in the world to watch.

We landed in a whirlwind of crazy like most starts to trip end up but a few hours later we ended up in the quaintest flat with a view and a extensive collection of classical music CDs. Yes CDs. Tired we put on our walking shoes and hiked many blocks to the Sacre-Coeur where we stood in all it's glory and looked out over Paris. On our way home we stopped at the grocery store and stocked up on wine and cheese then sat and watch the sun set over Paris. There is nothing like the light in France, if you've been you'll know what I mean. 



Our second day we hoped in an Uber and buzzed through the busy city with the Louvre as our destination. Unfortunately the Lourvre is closed on Tuesday. So a stroll through the Jardin du Tulleries and off to the Musee du Orsey we went. 

A few hours later we stumbled back on to the streets and walked along the Seine to le Tour Eiffel. That thing is huge. Like really really freakin huge. After that we hopped a ride to Merci the coolest store housing anything you could ever want from men's & women's clothing, home goods, a used book shop and a cafe. 


That night we went out to Buvette. We had the pleasure of eating at the NYC location when we were there in the Spring so it was really fun to try out the Paris spot. We sat outside and sipped cocktails while we waited for the TINIEST table ever which we all crammed into and proceeded to order one of everything. It was the kind of evening you wished would never end. 


The next day we were all up bright and early and on our way to Versailles. It so so lovely and overwhelming at the same time. The palace is stunning but of course it was the gardens that took these girl's breaths away. You could spend days in them and I think you would still miss so many things. 


From there Bradley and I went on to Iceland for a few days and my mama spent the rest of the week in Paris. Sadly her last day there she left her phone in the cab and lost so many of her photos. So for now that's it but stay tuned for our European Workshop post! 


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