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New Beginnings

With each new year brings the hope that it will be better than the last. We set goals for ourselves, realistic or not they soon get forgotten and that delightful piece of cake gets devoured or instead of heading straight to the gym after work you curl up on the couch. We are only human. 

2013 brought so many wonderful opportunities for Twigss. I think it had to have been my favorite wedding season thus far. Every bride was lovely inside and out, we worked with beyond amazing vendors, got to see and explore new places and really figured out where we wanted to go in 2014.

In the down time, if you're lucky to have any, you reflect, you dream and sometimes you brood. When I sit quietly and dream, I think of how lucky I am, truly. I get to do what I love and am surrounded by people that are doing the same thing. I love this job, I love these wedding vendors, these clients. I am constantly blessed and inspired by what others are creating around me. So thank you fellow friends, you make this job rock. 

Our biggest change for 2014 was embarking on a new redesign journey for Twigss. A dear friend Kyle Naylor, { check out his art on his site Deer Print Co. } patiently worked day and night on bringing my unrealistic ideas to life. I couldn't be more happy to share with you all our new and improved look. 

For those of you that don't know our story, I'll keep it brief. In 2011 my mom sat me down and said, "Hey. Do you want to run a floral shop with me? I'm only going to buy this business if you want to be my partner in crime." I looked at her with a wide-eyed grin and nodded yes. I was 20, just graduated from a Fashion Institute and had NO idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had never built a floral arrangement, let alone taken a business class. Gardening was as far as my floral knowledge went, luckily my mom had some experience when it came to designing.

I remember the first arrangements I made, they were stiff and structured. I was scared, scared to let the flowers breath and be. But I knew what I wanted the arrangement to look like. I spent hours just staring at Sarah Ryhanen from Saipua's work, drinking up each delicate petal, each curve in the stem, each dramatic color combination. A masterpiece, each and every one of her designs. Then, I did it. I created my own masterpiece. It flowed from my brain to my fingertips, it wasn't thinking, it was magic. Since that day, I eat, sleep, and breath flowers. I miss them when I've been away from them too long. 

Of course I'm still learning and discovering but isn't that the best part? So, 2014. May it hold many wonderful days for you, memories that are better than those of 2013 and maybe take a moment to hold a flower in your hand and dream. 

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