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Studio Series | No. 1

A month or so ago we got to do what florist or any creatives for that matter, love to do best, create just for the heck of it. Of course having someone to document your most creative moments is a plus. So the beyond fabulous Jessica Burke kindly agreed to let us set up shop aka destroy her studio in 5 seconds flat. 

The thought behind these series were to showcase some interesting vessels and thoughtful ways to use them in a table-scape. We really enjoy collecting, well maybe some would call it hoarding…let's be real. At least we can put this so called "collecting" to good use right? Of course a large centerpiece is magical, full, lush and totally romantic. But what about the bride that would love some alternative options? So that's what we tried to create in this three part series. Aside from showcasing different ways to use vessels we wanted to use some really fun color combinations. For this table-scape we went with some cooler tone options. We were totally in love with the contrast of bright fuchsia and the moody gray. Then for the surprise color we thought we'd use robin's egg blue plates to pull in the blue in Muscar and Eucalyptus. 

Stay tuned for the two other table-scapes! Hope you enjoy. 



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