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Today's Bride

If you haven't had the pleasure to meet PJ Rude of Milkglass Vintage Rentals, well then you are severely missing out. She is superwomen as my mother and I like to call her. Literally days away from giving birth to her beautiful baby girl Sienna, PJ text me and was like " Hey! I'm putting together a shoot for Today's Bride Mag, can you make some flowers for it?!" I told her of course and then thought how the hell is that going to work out?? Sure enough Sienna came early and PJ 10 days later was standing on chairs { there are photos to prove it } and dragging furniture around to style the shoot. See what I mean about her being superwomen? This girl has skills. So anyways check out these lovely photos by Jennifer Skog Photography. It's always a please to work with both these lovely ladies! 


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