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Big Changes


Not all of you know this but when we bought Twigss we originally had 1,968 square feet of beautiful white walled studio space. Pretty dreamy right? Well you might all think we are crazy when I tell you come February 1st we are leaving our cute & large downtown Danville building to flower-sling-it in the comfort of our garage. I know, when I put it like that we really do sound crazy but it isn't the case. As you know with great square footage comes great rent prices and for those of you local to Danville you also know that we aren't in our studio often. With our wedding business picking up, we tend to be on the road more often then in our studio keeping new merchandise stocked on the shelves. We have LOVED having our own retail space, it's something that both my mother and I have wanted for many years, it was so hard to make the decision to let it go. But it's the right one and we couldn't be happier to hand over our space to the talented Jessica of Ella J's Clothing. The building is in great hands. 

So what happens next you may ask? Well of course lots of weddings. But in between all that, we'd still love nothing more than to get special deliveries out for you or help you dream up something lovely for an event. Just make sure you give us plenty of notice be for hand. Call us at 925.272.9334 or shoot us an email at In the future we'd love to plan pop-up shops that you could stop by and say hi to us as well as buy some goodies we've collected. We also plan to put a few floral workshops on the calendar, so make sure you keep and eye out for those!

We just want to thank you all so much for your understanding and support through all the changes Twigss has gone through over the course of the last few years. We feel so blessed to have such an amazing following of floral lovers just like us. We can't wait to share this new year with you all! 



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